Indoor Playgrounds

With 12 years of experience in indoor playground manufacturing, we create the best commercial playground for you. All equipment used in indoor playgrounds are of high quality and comply with international safety standards. You can examine the equipment used in indoor playgrounds in this section.

Soft play groups are produced in the base of metal frame covered with panel systems which are made from foam and tarpaulin.
Ballpools are one of equipment in which chidren loves to play in softplay grounds.
Kids trampolines are the one of the mmıst joyfull equipments in play grounds.
Our fiber slides are prdocued from different modules and assemble to slide from desired heights.
To give desired design, different colored conveyor rollers can assemble into the modüle.
ışıklı kaydırak-ana
Luminous slides are produced with different modules which are assemble after to slide which height is wanted.
We try to have our children to experience the snow slide with our donut slide facility.
Air maze is a ball pool equipment in which balls from pool taken with help of air flow inside of the transparent air pipes.
Activity houses can be designed like Hospital,fire department, music room, supermarket, restaurant, banks.
Interactive play screens is a technology what is changing any surface into touch screen with help of projector.
The families can easily watch their children and share their joy while seating in the counters round the playground.
Karting tracks can be adapted to the play ground or design seperately. Themed barries can be bends to increase the excitement.
We are using also educational equipmants with joyfull equipment in our systems.
We recommend our spider tower to be used in high areas which is very entertaining soft play equipment.
In our playground systems, we can adapt soft football, volleyball or basketball areas.
Inside the parkour, we can adapt different obstacles like Carousel,hamster ,infinity mirror,gladiator and trampolines.
Children can climb this height without help of any security equipment.
This playground is designed to use children aged 0-3. Small foam tracks are mostly used in these systems.
Volcano is produced with a metal frame base, the vinyl sheet (PVC)covered the structure.
balon evi-ana
Balloon house is an indoor playground equipment in which the balloons are moving by the help of fans.the houses surrounded by transparent PVC.
We are usign 3D visuals and characters in the playground which is suited with the theme of the playground.
This sort PE material sized 1000 mm to 1000 mm with a thickness of 26 mm.these materials put like puzzle and easly removable.
Sandpits are especially attractive for small years of children, which is a joyful play.