Interactive Playgrounds

As Bursapark, we try to give children amusement park experience in indoor soft play groups with interactive playground systems. All the products used in interactive playgrounds are Bursapark production and all the raw materials and parts are high quality international certified products.

Pretty bees is an interactive self rotating toy.
Palm tree is rotating motored interactive toy which is originated from real Palm Tree.
Rotating dolphins is an interactive motored game in which children get on a dolphin figured parts.
Soft Carousel is soft motored interactive toy fixed on round platform. 4 children at the ages 3-8 yeears can play in Soft Carousel at the same time.
Beneath the ship, there is an inflated balloon and this balloon gives the abilit to toy like ship toss.
Hamster is an interactive motored toy which is made from self rotating motored mechanism.
Roller airball is self rotating interactive equipment has dancing ball inside. Fans inside the toy make the balls dance in the air.
Air maze is a ball pool equipment in which balls from pool taken with help of air flow inside of the transparent air pipes.
Bursapark meets the children zipline experience in the natüre in soft play grounds.
Interactive play screens is a technology what is changing any surface into touch screen with help of projector.
Challenge trampoline is an interactive trampoline park equipment. This equipment is made from 2 different parts which are seperated with help of net pannel.
Flying balls is a joyful interactive game which is shaped as a treasure.Inside the treasure, there are fans to dance the balls when children opens the treasure box.
Pianos are used in indoor play grounds and produced from softened raw materials.
Water trampoline designed with a transperant strengthen vinyl on a fiber pool.