Trampoline Parks

You can reach to the new trend of amusement and sport trampolineparks with the quality of Bursapark. You can ageless acitivities and joy inside the trampoline parks which increase your physical capabilities.

This jumping zones makes the base of trampoline parks. Usualy square shaped designed these zones has protection cushion in their surfaces.
Main objective is to finish the parkour at shortest time by overcoming the obstacles.
Foampits can be located inside Ninja courses or trampoline parks.
Dunk zones are most joyful activities in trampoline parks. These places are made from long trampoline areas and basketball hoop.
Airbags are commonly used beneath the jumping towers. Airbags are designed to have always air pumped inside with help of compressors.
Challenge trampoline is an interactive trampoline park equipment. This equipment is made from 2 different parts which are seperated with help of net pannel.
The players on the balance zone tries to make their opponents fall with the help the cylinders in their hands
Barriers can be integrated to on to jumping zones to increase the difficulty.
Gladiator is an equipment in which trampoline players trys to jump 2 pieces soften rotating cylinders. These cylinders are rotating by motor.
Performance trampoline is designed for Professional trampoline players. Special design fabric and springs are used in these systems.
Interactive Button increase the attraction of trampoline parks. This system is an interactive system that tests the speed and reflexion of the player.
Dodgeball is one of the most fun and most expanding energy Toys of trampoline parks.
Semilunar shaped trampolines are design independantly in trampoline parks. Only one player can be on the system.
Walk walls are located after jumping zone. This equipment enable the players walk and tumble backwards in vertical Wall.