Safety in Indoor Playgrounds

The most important issue in indoor playgrounds is safety. Child safety is very important. Likewise, the most important issue in trampoline parks is safety. No matter how beautiful a playground or trampoline park is, it doesn’t matter if it’s not safe. Electronic playgrounds or interactive toys in indoor playgrounds are the products that need the most attention. For this, it is important to buy indoor playgrounds from companies that have European safety certificates. EN-1176 and EN-1177 safety certificates are the most important ones. These documents cover topics such as slides, ball pool balls, nets, metal equipment, soft flooring, soft playground equipment used in indoor playgrounds. It is necessary to pay attention to these certificates when using indoor playground equipment. Likewise, ASTM certificate will be sufficient for trampoline parks. Trampoline and trampoline park equipment of companies with this certificate are ideal for use.