Challenge Trampoline

In a trampoline park indoor playground or soft play area, of the best part is to burn calories and stretch your muscles.

For that reason, trampoline parksa re very commonly used by older players to burn as much calories as they can.

When you jump in a trampoline area, you can compete with your friend in a Challenge Trampoline.

Challenge trampoline is a game can play with 2 opponent sides. Each side, needs to score the ball in the round behind the opponent area.

2 players has seperated jump areas with high performance trampolines.

İn the middle, challenge trampoline has a seperator about 2 meters.

Players need to jump more than this seperator and send the ball inside the hole in opponent side.

Challenge trampoline is surrounded by play panels which are based in metal structure, softened with foam and covered with PVC. To ensure the security, panels are filled with safety nets.

Base of trampolines area high performance metals and springs are the best quality to give the maximum strength and give the player the maximum jumping performance.

If you come with your friend, lets be opponent and try to beat your friend with the mixture of basketball and trampoline.

Challenge trampoline is the rising star of trampoline parks because of its calorie burning capacity.

If you want to open a trampoline park in an indoor playground area, we highly reccomend the Challenge Trampoline to double the joy and happiness.

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